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Our Adult Vacay!! … ZOETRY!!

Well what can I say our Adult Vacation was AMAZING!!!!   I know at times we all feel its hard to take the time for just adults and have our kids taken care of but people YOU, YOU+Your Spouse and to be honest your KIDS need the time away!  It is an amazing way to… Continue reading Our Adult Vacay!! … ZOETRY!!

Motherhood, Travel

To travel or not to travel…

To travel or not to travel... you ALL should know my motto!!! TRAVEL as much as you can. Travel with your family, travel with your hubby, travel by yourself, travel with friends!!! Experience the world!!! Why sit at home and not see what's out there!!! We do travel a lot and go ALOT. Some people… Continue reading To travel or not to travel…


Opryland Christmas in Nashville

Well.... as you see we do ❤️ Nashville but this time was completely different than last time. We didn't step foot on broadway like we did before (Our Nashville Trip) and we brought our 3 kids!!! If you have never been to the Opryland Nashville Hotel at Christmas it's one of our favorite trips and… Continue reading Opryland Christmas in Nashville