Do you FEEL under appreciated?….

Do you ever have those days in your job that you feel completely under appreciated???   I am in sales so what should I expect right?  In my day to day job I try and build relationships in order to help others to help their customers!  Some days we (as salespeople) bust our ass to… Continue reading Do you FEEL under appreciated?….


My Pregnancy with the Twins…

OK I know its been a bit since I posted the post about us Being Pregnant 6 Years ago But peeps life is crazy with a hubby, 3 kids, a full time job and a side gig!  But needless to say my pregnancy with the twins was EASY Peasy for about the first 29 weeks and then… Continue reading My Pregnancy with the Twins…


Opryland Christmas in Nashville

Well.... as you see we do ❤️ Nashville but this time was completely different than last time. We didn't step foot on broadway like we did before (Our Nashville Trip) and we brought our 3 kids!!! If you have never been to the Opryland Nashville Hotel at Christmas it's one of our favorite trips and… Continue reading Opryland Christmas in Nashville