How to Forgive…. YOURself!!

How to forgive YOURself????   Sometimes we all go through life pondering the mistakes we have made.  Whether it be as a mom, friend, co-worker, significant other, sister or any other role that we play in our life.  WE all MAKE MISTAKES and we must learn to forgive ourselves to move forward in our life.


I don’t know about you but i have made MANY mistakes in my past and throughout my entire life.  Whether it be 10 years ago, 10 months ago, 10 days ago or 10 minutes ago… we all have situations we can’t take back.  WE all do it!!!  Whether its flipping on our kids, not being kind to our friends, saying things we don’t mean in the heat of the moment, not appreciating our parents and many many other things… We can’t blame COVID anymore…And if you are reading this and you say you haven’t…. well you are LYING! 😉  And if you are like me there are many times we dwell on what that looks like and what we could have done differently.  But you know what…… life will PASS US BY if we continue to focus on our mistakes and don’t forgive ourselves.  Sometimes I feel it is Waaaaaayyyyy more difficult to forgive ourselves than it is another person.  We must learn to love ourselves because no one is perfect.  DO NOT LET your past take away ANY part of your present ANYMORE because I am NOT!

So how can we do this???… (trust me its a daily process for me but I am trying!) So lets do this together!!!   “Teamwork Makes a Dreamwork”  …

I saw this in Oprahs Magazine and had to share and put my 2 cents in…

Remember that its OK to feel guilty when you make a mistake.
We are all HUMAN…. we all SCREW it up every now and then and if we feel that guilt you know what… means we have a heart and thats the first step!

Admit YOU messed UP…
Ok people fess up….. you were wrong… just ADMIT IT!… When you deny you get yourself into deeper shitz!  I promise when I fess up to something I have done i feel sooooooooo much better.  OWN your dang mistake…  brush that off your shoulder!

APOLOGIZE to anyone you have hurt
Sometimes as hard as this may be… I mean I am a stubborn ass… you HAVE to do this… If you hurt someone you love or even someone you don’t you APOLOGIZE.  And make it heartfelt and sincere.  You have done your part and its their decision to accept your apology or not… not yours.

Write YOURSELF an apology
Ok I will be honest…. haven’t done this one before.  But maybe I will give it a whirl!  Im always up to trying new things. Just know that ONE Mistake/Error doesn’t define you!

LEARN from your Mistake
The good thing about when you make a mistake its a Lesson to be learned.  So darn it… learn from it and don’t do it again. If you want to justify your mistake for a quick second do it but I want you to feel the guilt you felt and realize why you don’t want to feel that way again or hurt anyone again in the process. Take care of yourself mentally, physically and for sure don’t forget emotionally!

Ok, ok, ok…. HARDEST PART for me BY far and Im sure for some others.  Don’t rush your feeling or anyone else that was in your path of your mistake.

You have to LET IT GO!


Don’t try to change other people..
Even if you’ve apologized to the people you’ve hurt, and begun the process of forgiving yourself, it’s still likely that you’ll feel embarrassed by our actions—if only because you’re still concerned with how other people feel about you. But other people’s opinions can only hold so much weight, and their opinions are rarely part of the solution.

Practice what you Preach!
Learning to process feelings of guilt and avoid those of shame will prevent us from reacting in a way we might regret, or worse, continuing to feel bad for something we can’t change.

And thats it…. ALL I got!

Sometimes these topics just come to mind whether its something on the forefront or something I have been thinking about for a long time to post about.  I know we are all SUPER hard on ourselves…. but you KNOW WHAT… we ALL need to give ourselves a break… don’t look in the past or focus so much in the future…

lets FOCUS on living in the present!!




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