Holy cow….

Hey all…. it has been so so so so long since I have been on here and to tell you the truth I miss it!!!


One of my fav quotes these days.  We ALL go through so many obstacles in our life whether it be personally or professionally and you know what… WHAT doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!!!  I mean hell life is a SHIT SHOW for the most part but one wise man always said….

“Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we respond!” and I truly BELIEVE that!

Ways to OVERCOME some of those obstacles that you have been faced with…

  1. You have to FEEL…. its ok to feel whatever the heck you want to…. whether that be sadness, hurt, anger, resentment or any other flipping emotion that you darn well please…  It is OK!!  You have to FEEL to be able to process the obstacles that are in your life and have to figure out a plan on how to get past them.
  2. Make a DANG plan.… after you figure out those feelings, in order to overcome your struggles you have to make a plan that is BEST for YOU!!  Who gives a flying flip about others opinions you need to do what is best for YOU!!  Only YOU know what you want in your plan and only YOU know how to overcome these obstacles you are faced in your life.
  3. Know that others struggle… you might think you are ALONE but you are NOT!  There are so many other people going through something similar in regards to what you are going through.  People that you would NEVER think they would be are going through hardships…. always remember whats on social media isn’t always what its cracked up to be.
  4. Phone a friend… Reach out to People and don’t be shy!  Asking for help is not a failure… asking for help makes you a stronger person.  Also, you never know how you could help that person as well.
  5. Accept Support… I get it.. some people are nosey and some people truly care.  You will figure out super fast the nosey vs the ones that truly care.  Those that truly care … hang onto them and let them in and let them hold you up and support you.
  6. Help Others… some of the best ways to get through our own obstacles is to help others through theirs.  Just by sharing your story or what you have been through it might sound simple to you but might change someone elses world!!  They might need you just like you need them. – I always say people come into your life for REASON!  Everyone has a purpose!
  7. ENJOY…  Stop and smell the roses… no really do it!!  Enjoy the simple and small things in life because those are what is most important!  When you are dealing with challenges in your life…. STOP and take note of 5 things you are grateful for DAILY!!  I swear this helps!!  Give it a whirl! (you don’t need a fancy journal…. just grab you a notepad and START)
  8. NO Shame  – pardon my french but everyone goes through their own “shit show” but each show just has a little different twist.  DO NOT BE ashamed for your obstacles in your life.  I Promise they are shaping you into the person you are truly supposed to be!
  9. BE PROUD….  Hold your head up high and carry on…. LIFE GOES ON….  be proud of your journey, your obstacles and get excited about your future!
  10. CELEBRATE … and Celebrate the SHIT out of it!!  You deserve to celebrate all the good things in  your life…  everyone goes through the bad but then that just makes the good THAT much BETTER!  And maybe add a little cocktail as well 😉

Well I had to put my 2 cents in because this has been on my mind lately!!  So pull that head out of your ASS, find something you love, someone you love, get your booty active, smile and ENJOY this ride we call LIFE!

Because we ONLY get to do is ONCE!!!

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12 thoughts on “Holy cow….”

  1. Love this! I was thinking about your. Blog the other day. Just out of the blue. I think this might be your best post. Give those sweet kiddos a hug for me. Wise words!


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