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Our Adult Vacay!! … ZOETRY!!

Well what can I say our Adult Vacation was AMAZING!!!!   I know at times we all feel its hard to take the time for just adults and have our kids taken care of but people YOU, YOU+Your Spouse and to be honest your KIDS need the time away!  It is an amazing way to revive and refresh yourself!!! We LOVE to travel WITHOUT and WITH our kids and it is something we are super passionate about!

My husband will be the first to tell you that I always have “mom guilt” when leaving the kiddos for time for us.  And you know what IT IS NORMAL to have that!   But you know what I DO NOT let that stop me from spending much needed time away with my hubby!  You DO NO realize how much you need that time away until you do it so DO IT!!  Book yourself a trip with your significant other, your friends or heck just go by yourself to get time for YOU!!  I am a better mom, wife and person when I get to step away and experience a new place!!!

Ok ok ok… so where do you go and where did we go?!?!  When we travel usually without kids we try to get there fast so we can enjoy the destination instead of wasting a day or 2 of travel.  So we pick Mexico!!  There is a direct flight that leaves from St. Louis around 6:25am and gets your booty on the beach with a cocktail in hand by noon!  SOLD!!!  When we pick a resort without kids we usually pick ADULT ONLY… no offense to kids at the resort but when we don’t have ours we don’t want others :).   Two of our past resorts we have visited that were adults only were Excellence Playa Mujeres and Secrets Maroma and they were AMAZING!   Many resteraunts, entertainment at night and activities by the pool during the day! But this Time we decided to try something completely different….  ZOETRY Isla Mujeres!!!

Friends this place WAS Amazing!!!  But completely different from the other resorts!  This resort is on the Isle Mujeres!  Which you take a 30 min transfer to the port then you jump on your PRIVATE catamaran with complementary champagne for about 30 minutes on the beautiful blue water until you are greeted by name at your resort destination!

Our Catamaran Transfer – The Hubs & Me:

Cocktails in Hand!

Seriously they know you by name!  There are ONLY 35 rooms on the entire resort so super small and cozy!

Our Resort View from the Catamaran!

Being said….  its very ZEN… we traveled with 3 other couples and we probably brought a little too much life at times to the pool area!  There are 2 pools and a large hot tub!  You will be served by their staff hand and foot for whatever you need!  They have their own private beach which is very chill as well which we all loved!!

This is the Entrance to the pool area from the lobby, Our Room View and Sitting at the pool view of the Ocean!

They have 2 resteraunts… one has a sit down 6 course pre set menu and the other one you can order whatever you want!  The food was AMAZING!!!  Homemade pasta and all!!…  YUMMY!!!

Resteraunt on the water

They also have a little bar called the “Cozy Bar” where we would all meet for a pre dinner cocktail!

And at night there is a guy there that will make custom bracelets, necklaces and rings and its called “Silver Creations” in the hotel daily agenda newsletter!

Also, when you stay here they offer a Sunset Cruise that is included in your package as well… they take a you out on your own personal catamaran!  This is a must! We loved this!!

Our Sunset Cruise

and if you are a SPA person their SPA is Amazing as well!!!

If you want to venture out on the island you can either take a cab or golf cart… If you rent a golf cart be careful driving and drinking because they watch you like a hawk!  I would highly suggest just grabbing a cab because the driving there is a little crazy!!

Our Golf Cart Adventure

A few stops that we went to downtown are the Soggy Peso (hole in the wall bar)… they have amazing and VERY STRONG margaritas!

The Soggy Peso (They collect hats!)

We also decided to go to North Beach (which is by the MIA hotel) which we all loved!  Can’t remember the resteraunt we ate there but it was great!  Right on the beach!

North Beach Area

Another fun location…was the Ice Bar… if you have experienced one before it is super cool!!  Also… we went to the turtle sanctuary if you are into that kind of thing…. it was just OK for me but you might love it!

All in all our trip was GREAT!!   Great location, great resort, great food and great company!!  IF you are looking to book I would HIGHLY recommend it!  Or if you want a little more nightlife I would recommend the above locations!  IF you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them if I can!

Peace OUT Mexico!  Great memories, laughs and new experiences!

On a serious note…… BOOK YOUR ADULT VACATION ASAP!!!




2 thoughts on “Our Adult Vacay!! … ZOETRY!!”

  1. SO glad that you took this time for you and Lance! Very healthy for both you and the kids as you said earlier! The resort you stayed at looks amazing and sounds like the perfect place
    for what you needed at the time. GREAT pictures. FUN times!
    Love, Diane


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