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Flip or FLOP? – Our MasterBedroom

Ok I am for sure not on the show Flip or Flop!  Wish I was because I LOVE to watch that and see the transformations!  Ok let me give you the back story!  Instead of building a house we decided to buy and then just remodel!  This house we live in is BEAUTIFUL but a lot of the colors/style wasn’t necessarily my taste.  So I LOVE to remodel and redo so we started with our MasterBedroom and Bath!!

Here are some of the BEFORE pics of our MasterBedRoom and Bath…

and here are some of the AFTER… the transformation is crazy!!  And by the way the cabinets are the same just painted with new hardware 🙂


It is seriously AMAZING what paint can do!!

I love transformations!  Are you working on one??  Would love to hear if you are!!



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