Do you FEEL under appreciated?….

Do you ever have those days in your job that you feel completely under appreciated???   I am in sales so what should I expect right?  In my day to day job I try and build relationships in order to help others to help their customers!  Some days we (as salespeople) bust our ass to make everyone happy and to keep our mouth shut to keep the peace and our jobs 🙂 But sometimes you just have to vent… whether it be Your spouse, your friend, or a co-worker you just have to do it.  Do you ever just want to explode on that customer that doesn’t appreciate you?  No need to answer… WE ALL DO!!  So thankful we have friends to vent to…   SO when this happens to me I just want to write about it because that is therapy for me!!!  My husband said to me “babe you cant control someone else’s actions/responses”  And I completely agree…after I had a coffee and some breakfast to calm myself down (I have that Italian temper where I can just flip).   So how the heck do YOU motivate yourself when you feel under appreciated???…


I work pretty much solely on a daily basis… so I have to have SELF Motivation… Some days I am rocking at 110% and others I have to push myself (just like my workout routines ;)).   So…… I count on my co-workers, family and friends to keep me motivated and in the game.  Don’t get me wrong I have some customers that are so great and really appreciate me.  Then I have customers that don’t value my time at all and that’s what I struggle with because I am a very candid person and I cant be as open as I would like.  I mean my time is VERY valuable just like yours so please just respect it.

All of my rep friends you all know what I’m talking about!!!  😉

”Feeling genuinely appreciated lifts people up”. The hard part is getting that feedback from your customers on a daily/monthly or even yearly basis.

SO how do YOU stay motivated at work, here are some thoughts on how I keep myself motivated:

Crazy fact: DID YOU KNOW about 65% of people report feeling a lack of appreciation at work…. SO YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

1. Focus on SMALL Victories:
Lets be honest we all have had those days where things just don’t go your way!  So what I do is try and FOCUS on the positive things in my work life or life in general… I suck it up and move on.  And tell myself this person/account or whatever situation it is will NOT affect me in a Negative way!

2. Motivate yourself with Goals:
I constantly tell my customers and something I tell myself.  How do we know where we need to go if we don’t know where we are!  I have to have goals for myself…  whether its weekly goals (important things I need to do weekly), monthly or even yearly goals!  YOU HAVE TO SET GOALS!!!

3. Exercise Before Work:
Ok this is a WORK IN PROGRESS for me but honestly my day runs soooooo much smoother on days I workout at 5am!  But my husband will tell you I cant seem to drag my booty out of bed!  BUT I NEED TO… I need to do this for ME!!!   So like i said I’m working on it 😉

4. Recognize the Significance of your Work:
A lot of people feel underappreciated on a daily basis.  Some people think it is up to their boss to recognize the significance of their job (which my boss is great at this) but HONESTLY its up to YOU to do this!!!  I try and think about what I do daily and how it helps others in the community!   Like its a BIG deal… I am able to help babies, toddlers, adolescents and adults… ON A DAILY BASIS because of the information I share   everyday!!!

5. Speak UP:
Speak your mind… on a professional level that is (don’t go getting fired!). Just be candid whether it is a customer, a co-worker or any other individual you come across in regards to your job!  Let them know your goals and how you can help them!





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