My Pregnancy with the Twins…

OK I know its been a bit since I posted the post about us Being Pregnant 6 Years ago But peeps life is crazy with a hubby, 3 kids, a full time job and a side gig!  But needless to say my pregnancy with the twins was EASY Peasy for about the first 29 weeks and then all Hell broke lose!

And if you have went through IVF or a twin pregnancy easy peasy means you continue to hold those babies (or baby) in to bake!  ON a side note…. the not so easy part was the HUGE ass Progesterone injections I had to give my self in my ass daily!  And if you haven’t seen that needle its rather LARGE!  But I didn’t care what I needed to do to keep these babies in as long as possible!  So if it meant sticking myself like a pin cushion daily…. SOLD!


And because of my HCG levels being so crazy high because of twins… I pretty much was sick the entire first trimester.  I remember my husband leaving a poptart on my side of the night stand because I had to eat something before I could even get up.  But you know what I didn’t care if i puked everyday I WAS FINALLY PREGNANT!

After my first trimester, I GRADUATED from my IVF provider and got to go to my normal OB …. wow huge step with that!  You know after that first trimester you can finally tell people you are pregnant…  considered the “safe Zone” so one of my best friends made a video announcing our pregnancy!  This is one of my FAV songs…. Will make you cry every time….. OK maybe just me but LOVE it!!

Our Pregnancy Announcement

So after we “graduated” everything was going smoothly until I went in for my 29 week appointment with my OB.  Lance couldn’t go with me that day so I went myself.  THey monitor me and check all my vitals and then say “are you feeling any pain?”… well NO well…. you are having contractions… WHAT?  I didn’t feel a thing!  Long story short I got myself a little vacay to the nearest hospital to be “monitored” more.  So I call my husband and he was just as much in shock as me.  So I head on over and he immediately follows.  I’m on the monitor… and continue to progress… well crap. I’m only 29 weeks but I had read that at 27 weeks babies are 100% viable so I should be OK.  Well they said to me… we are going to put you on “Magnesium” to try and stop your labor.  As a first time momma. I had NO IDEA what Magnesium was…. well let me tell you something it’s TERRIBLE!!!  It makes you feel so dizzy and so hot you feel like you have a massive hangover and your stuck in a HOT tanning bed you can’t get out of!!  I highly DON’T recommend it to anyone…. BUT whatever kept those twinks in longer I was sold.  So they put you on that for 24 hours and then see how its going.  Next morning when it was time to get off the Mag Drip they said well you are still dialating…. UGGHHH!!!  Pretty much they thought the babies were coming!  So they gave me the choice.   If you go in labor we will deliver here but your babies will be air lifted to St Louis because at the time the hospital I went to couldn’t accommodate any newborns under 30 weeks…. I said heck to the no SHIP us all to St Louis!  I was not going to send our babies without us!!  My husband had gone home to shower and get clothes and I call him and say… don’t come back they are airlifting me to ST Louis so meet us there!

Now that was a Helicophter ride I don’t want to experience again!  Freaking out thinking the babies were gonna come on the ride, so dizzy because I was still on Mag and thought I was gonna throw up on all the docs and nurses with me on this lovely ride!  When I spotted the arch out the back it was like Christmas Morning…. we made it!!!


As soon as they got me off the ride and into a room… there were about 20 people (because it was a teaching hospital).. we have OB, Maternal Fetal Med, Neonatal and Anes but the only person I even saw was my husband walking in at the exact same time… what a relief!

Long story short….they SOMEHOW STOPPED MY LABOR… but my Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor did not want me to be any farther than 30 min from the hopsital in case this happened again (and mind you we live 2 hours away!). So what does my hubby do… he comes through and finds us a furnished apartment (The Chase) until these little munchkins decide to arrive!  He drove back and forth on a daily basis, my mom, mother in law, friends and whoever would come stay with me so I wasn’t by myself!  It’s amazing when things happen how YOUR PEOPLE come through for you.

So …. no babies yet… lots and lots of stress tests to keep…. GOAL: TO KEEP THE BABIES IN AS LONG AS POSSIBLE…  so in the meantime, we enjoyed dinner, movies and sometimes riding on a motorized cart in the mall (because I was on modified bed rest)…. whatever I needed to do I did!

AND again… we wait….


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