Motherhood, Travel

To travel or not to travel…

To travel or not to travel… you ALL should know my motto!!! TRAVEL as much as you can. Travel with your family, travel with your hubby, travel by yourself, travel with friends!!! Experience the world!!!

Why sit at home and not see what’s out there!!! We do travel a lot and go ALOT. Some people say… you all go a lot, or do you ever stay home?, how do you all travel so much!

There was a time in my life that I let these comments affect me or bother me but now I just do what makes me, my hubby and my family happy!

Now let’s be honest when we travel with the kids it can get a little hectic!!! And you know what we do sometimes…. TAKE a Sitter with! Worth every penny!!! This enable you to have individual time with each of your kids, time with you hubby and helps YOU be able to relax some with another set of hands! So I highly recommend it when you take another family vacation if you have little ones!! And when we travel with the little we always use our Packing Cubes!! Helps so much with organization which you all know I’m kind of OCD about!! Just got back from San Juan (hoping to blog about that soon if you all are interested) with the kids to ring in the New Year and it was great!!!! These pictures remind me exactly WHY it’s great for families to get away!! stepping away from the craziness of everyday life to enjoy what’s right in front of you!!!

So BOOK your family vacation now!!!

Then go ahead and BOOK you a trip with your significant other!!

As a mom don’t we always feel guilty for taking time for ourselves or away from our kiddos?!?!? Well you know what… it’s the BEST thing for YOU, your relationship with your hubby and also for your kids!

A friend once told me that before kids it was you and your hubby! If you aren’t happy and don’t take time for your relationship how can we be the best mom we can be??? It’s like being on the plane and the stewardess saying in the safety procedure…

Please put on YOUR OWN mask on before you put your child’s on (or maybe anyone sitting near you who acts like a child😜). So it’s the same theory in life. We as moms, wife’s, woman have to take care of ourselves 1st!!! Before we can be there 100% for anyone else!!!

I know I kind of got off on a tangent BUt the moral of the story is… enjoy life EVErY second with no regrets, travel ALOT and don’t let others influence your own needs!


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