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Dear Parents at Christmas…

I ran across this on Facebook and couldn’t help but share….  Take a read friends…


My goal this year for the holidays is to relax, enjoy and take it all in with my family and friends.  Yes gifts are great and they will get done and bought but I want to enjoy the memories more than any gift that is sitting under the tree!

Just the other day I was like holy crap!!!… “who do I have left?” “What am I going to buy this person?” “would they even like this”… then I thought to myself Chelcee…. Im sure whatever you buy your parents, the kids teachers, cleaning lady, hair dresser they are going to love it.  So quit stressing out….

And mind you my twins Bday is Dec 19….. so Bday in the mix as well!  Which one thing we are doing differently this year for the kiddos bday…

I gave them 2 options for  their Bday:

  1. You can invite 4 friends and pick a place to celebrate your Birthday separate…OR
  2. You can invite AS MANY FRIENDS as you want to a big party where we will have pizza and cupcakes BUT NO GIFTS… (we are asking in lieu of gifts to donate to their favorite charity or to shop for a child in need)

And Im so proud of them for picking #2!!!
So again, the gifts won’t be crazy this year they can experience longer play time with their friends and ENJOY the day!!  Anyone else do no gifts for big parties???

So I get it…. we all are stressed but try to remember how blessed you are instead!  When you think about what you need to do… you know what’s going through everyone’s minds (OK mostly moms and woman or maybe men) – wrapping, what to make, cookie exchanges, christmas parties, christmas attire, ugly sweat attire for your kids… IT WILL ALL GET DONE AND BE GREAT!!  If not no one will even notice besides YOU!

So this year… Im doing no Bows on my gifts (easier wrapping and transporting) and using whatever paper I have (who cares if it matches).  Im moving that Elf but not trying to go above and beyond with the whole crazy IDEAS!  I commend you if you are but gosh Im lucky to move ours (alarm on my phone to remind myself and jump my ass out of bed), Im buying a few people books or items that I have enjoyed in 2018 that have brought positivity to my lifewhen we do cookies (lets be honest my kids just like to decorate and use tons of sprinkles) so Im buying already made sugar cookie dough!, we are throwing a Holiday Party for all of our Adult Friends!! (someone invited asked if I was crazy to host people at the house 2 days before Christmas?… well isn’t that what the holidays are all about –> Family and Friends?)… all we need are cocktails and a few apps right????  or just cocktails :), and the MOST IMPORTANT thing we as a family are doing this year is HELPING OTHERS….  the kids are each buying for a child in their school 🙂  Teach them to GIVE early right?  Not everyone is fortunate like we are… so again this Holiday Season remember all the blessings in your life not all the “FLUFF” that needs to be done!  

Enjoy your family, kids, friends, co-workers and everything else that comes along with this special holiday season!!!  Who cares if your house is perfect… leave it a mess, go to the party, grab cookies in a box, have someone else make the apps for ya, head on out after the holidays and enjoy some EXPERIENCES with your family!!!

As I am writing this BLOG the song… Angels Among US is on the radio! Gets me every time!  Just super GRATEFUL this day and EVERY DAY! Just wanted to remind you ALL I am grateful for you too!!!






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