Opryland Christmas in Nashville

Well…. as you see we do ❤️ Nashville but this time was completely different than last time. We didn’t step foot on broadway like we did before (Our Nashville Trip) and we brought our 3 kids!!!

If you have never been to the Opryland Nashville Hotel at Christmas it’s one of our favorite trips and is a must!! First off… I recommend staying right on the grounds at the hotel and getting a room with an atrium view… I like the Delta Atrium View it is our fav location…


And let me tell ya the first time you go (or even 2nd time for us) I still get LOST. If it wasn’t for my husband I would for sure have to use the map.  This place is HUGE…. like you park your car and don’t even need to get it the entire weekend 🙂

One thing I always do when I book our hotel reservations is go ahead and book dinner reservations. Because they get booked up. A few options for dinner are…

Dinner Reservations Options

Cascades American Cafe – this is great with kids.  Right in the middle of the Cascades area.  This is the restaurant you will see when you first check in.  Its super loud (again, great with kids).  You can order off their menu or the Sushi menu (Wasabi) which is right next door.  For sure make a reservation before you go because if not you will be waiting!
Old Hickory Steakhouse  – we have not ate here but it looks great!
Solario Cantina – Mexican… my kids love Mexican!  Also they have a breakfast buffet in the mornings if you want something quick and easy with the kiddos!
Ravello – Italian restaurant!  This place books up so make sure and get your reservation ahead of time!!  I always make a reservation and you can always cancel if need be but its best to have it in advance!
These are just a FEW of the places in the Opryland Hotel!  There are places for burgers, pizza, sandwiches, ice cream and whatever else you may want!  Also, right next to the hotel is the Opry Mills Mall which again you have many dining options there as well!  We always seem to hit up Dave and Busters when we are there!  Or if you want you can grab a movie and dinner or shop until you dropl!
Ok ok ok…. what everyone wants to know is what all you can do in the Opryland Christmas Event…. SOOOOOOOO much… here you go…
1. The Famous “ICE” – we did this last time we were there and didn’t have time this time.  Its amazing and I highly suggest you do it!  They bundle you up in these large blue jackets and you walk through it and everything is ICE!!!  They even have a ICE slide at the end where your kiddos will love it!!! This is in the outside area by the Snow Tubing!
2. Snow Tubing – One of my kids fav things to do!  Your risk band will allow you to do this of the entire day!  Go as many times as your hearts desire!  Its super fun for adults too!  So give it a whirl!!
3. Cirque Dreams Holidaze – every year they have a different show and this year it was amazing!!!  If you have ever seen any Cirque shows you know how awesome this will be. If not you need to get tickets to see it!  We did the mid afternoon show this year at 2:00.  Because last time we did the 8:00pm one our kiddos crashed!  This was a great time to do the show to relax and enjoy! – this is directly across from the Opry Mills Mall.  Right around the corner from ICE and Snow Tubing!
4. Feast With the Grinch – the first year we did this both kids were freaked out by the Grinch but still loved watching him from afar!  This year 2/3 liked the Grinch and we got a pic!  One still wasn’t a fan.  We did this at 9am and it is a buffet breakfast.  You can also get your picture professionally taken with the Grinch (The only pic we took of all 5 of us).  You sit at you table and the Grinch comes around to take pics and talk to the kids.
5. Delta RiverBoat Cruise – this is right around the corner from the Grinch.  Every time we go we saw we are going to do this and every time we try the line is so long.  And all of you know who have kids its probably not worth waiting in a long line when there are so many other things to do 🙂  But it looks so nice and you cruise through  part of the hotel!
One of our Favorite areas is in the Conference Center area (which they call the Holiday Halls) which we spent a lot of our time this year.  They have it all set up in there.  Tickets, snacks and a few adult cocktails for you adults!
6. Photos with Santa – I highly recommend doing this 1st because this line will get crowded. This year we had 1 that loved Santa, 1 not so sure and 1 that didn’t want anything to do with him but I LOVE how this pic turned out!!
7. Build a Bear – They get ya with everything right at your fingertips in here 🙂
8. Gingerbread Decorating – again, another family favorite!
9. Ice Skating – this was a FAMILY Fav this year!  Ok so maybe 3/5 of us did it this year!  Another one you can do all day in and out with your wrist band if you want!  My kids loved it!  They also have these little bears you can use for balance or to push your kiddos on the ice.  I know I could speed my butt up when I was pushing that…. not so much without it!  no time to break my leg before the holidays!  lol
10. Santa’s Spinners – again something for everyone! They also have a Kids Train as well in this area.
11. One last Thing I don’t want to forget.  They Carriage Rides through the Opry Hotel Grounds.  You will also get to see the Outdoor Nativity scene on this ride as well!
12. And last but not least their NEWEST Indoor Waterpark called SoundWaves that just opened December 1st!  The kids LOVED this area!  You can come in and out as you please for day and a half when you buy your wrist bands!  They will also have an outside area as well next year that looks like its gonna be amazing!  Here is a sneak peak!  They have waterslides, a baby area, flow rider (which we tried and easier than it looks but I still wiped out!), lunch options, human dryer and a lazy river and much more!
Ok ok ok… thats all I have for now!  Hope this helps ya if you want to plan a trip to Opryland Hotel!  Also, honestly I feel besides the Cirque Show and planning your dinner reservations you can go to the outside area next to ICE and Snow Tubing and do bulk ticketing on what you wan to do!  It will for sure save you some money!!

Now get your FAM and FRIENDS and get your booty down there! 


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