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November FAVS…

  1. Ink Cards App – LOVE this!!!  You can put a pic on the card… Whether its a Thank You, Birthday Card, Sympathy or just because!!!  It ships right to the person and you can personalize your message.  Most are around $2.00 a card!  Or you can buy a card pack which I do 🙂 Example of a card I sent for my son’s 1st Bday to all our family and friends!

2. My Fitness Pal App – I have been focusing on what I eat and this is wonderful!!!  Give it a whirl!  Has everything in this app you need to track your fitness!


3. Brendon Burchard Podcast– love listening to his podcasts! Great motivational speaker and he also has some great books. One of my favs is his Life’s Golden Ticket– its a SUPER easy feel good read!  But you MUST Follow his podcasts!!!

4. Walmart Pick Up – Ok ok I know i might be super late to the party but I Finally decided to give it a whirl and OMG LOVE!!! You don’t impulse buy, you don’t have to search around the store for what you want and they BRING it to your car!  Holy cow!!

5. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack – now don’t get me wrong I do love a GREAT NAME BRAND bag but I saw this on amazon and thought what the heck I need a new Diaper Bag Backpack that I could use after the Diapers are done and I LOVE this bag!!  So many compartments and super durable!!


6. NutPods French Vanilla Dairy Free – been trying to BE more HEALTHY!  Aren’t we all.  Tried this dairy free creamer and its so good!  and reasonable priced as well!


7. Neat Solutions Neat-Wear Table Topper – what the heck is this you say???  You know when you are traveling and eating out with a baby you just throw food on the table because if you give them a plate they will launch it at the table next to you???   Well you just peel the stickies off and stick the table!  LOVE THESE!  Only like $11.50 on sale for 60 of them!!!  They will last you forever!


Hope you all enjoyed some of my FAVs in November!


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