6 years ago… We found out we were Pregnant!


Holy crap…. our Frozen IVF Transfer worked!!!

I will never forget where i was when they called me with our HCG numbers… I was like in SHOCK and was like OMG those are HIGH!!!  Like super high like are we having triplets???? I immediately called Lance and said we are pregnant.  I called 2 of my best friends and my sister and that is ALL who knew!!!

As much as I wanted to jump for joy and tell the ENTIRE world on Social Media that we are pregnant I was a little unsure because of our past miscarriages and issues with getting pregnant so we decided to keep it to ourselves!

After about 5 weeks we were “graduated” from the IVF Specialist to go back to my regular OB.  So that really means you are all good and everything looks great!

Now when do we tell our family?  Well we were heading to Destin for our annual family trip and getting pics on the beach.  So I thought why not call the photographer and do it while we are on the beach getting pics!  My parents and everyone else around were in shock! Shock it finally worked and wondered how the HECK we could keep this a secret for the entire 1st Trimester…

Here are few pics below from our photo session… I will NEVER forget that shoot!

Everyone was so excited… we were FINALLY Pregnant and already into my 2nd Trimester!  Woohoo!!



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