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Packing Cubes???

Hey all!  I know the holidays are literally right about the corner!!  EEEEEk!!!  And some of you travel and some don’t.  We are lucky to have family close by and have everyone at our house for Thanksgiving 🙂  YES Everyone!  lots of cocktails involved!!!

But if you do travel I wanted to share one of my FAV items that I use when packing for our trips with the FAMily!  PACKING CUBES!!!  Have you ever used them?

I bought this set last summer and I will NEVER go back to just throwing clothes in a suitcase…. you know what I mean.  When you pack at home its all so nice and neat and by the time you open the suitcase for the 1st time on vacay its a flipping mess and you can’t find anything!





I use these when I just travel with my hubby (used them on our recent Nashville Getaway!) or when I travel with 3 kiddos in tow!  I am weird and everyone has their own color!!

And honestly its so much easier to tell them to get something out of a small packing cube then for them to search for that ONE bathing suit that they just have to have and its at the bottom of the suitcase!  So we have a cube just for bathing suits so easy peasy!!!!

I know it sounds weird but I feel so much better having a little organization when we travel!  ALSO, another advantage. Say you only want to check 2 bags for 5 people! PACKING CUBES are the answer!!  Seriously they are great!  Give them a whirl. There are many on the market but these are my FAV!!  And they come in many colors!!

And they are ONLY 24.99 on Amazon!


Shacke Pak

Hope this helps some of you all for your Holiday Travel!  We might be running crazy figuring out WHAT the heck we are gonna take or make or get our kids for Christmas but ONE thing we can do is have an organized suitcase so we can at least find out Shitz when we are about to loose our Shitz!  Happy Holidays Friends!



2 thoughts on “Packing Cubes???”

  1. I have some and I’ve never used them. & I’ve never flown ever…But I will be flying Dec 1st for the first time and thought of using them. Does everything seem to fit better? I’m so paranoid about packing my bags. I’m an over packer so I need all the tricks and tips to get all the things I need and won’t need it even touch in my bag! Lol. Do you put them back in the cubes on the way home as well?


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