Motherhood, My Style

Landon is 1!!! Birthday Party Success🏈

I CAN NOT believe our little guy is already the BIG 1!!!

One year ago TODAY this little peanut made his surprise entrance into this world!

I had a surprise c section with my first pregnancy so we had scheduled c section on Nov 9 at my 39 week mark but… Landon Patrick had other plans!

About 9:00am on Sunday, Nov 5, 2017 I looked at Lance (my hubs) and said OK its time! We left our town (West Frankfort) to head to the hospital (which was 30 min away). We made it there at 9:35… they rolled me up to a room. They checked and I was already at a 5! Holy cow… remember them trying to talk me into a natural birth but I said C section all the way!!! Have heard too many stories with a VBac! So slice me open and get him out!!!

I believe in the theory however u want to have a baby and get your child out safely thats completely up to you! If you want to slice and dice like me and do a c section…. awesome if not that’s awesome too! As woman we are pretty amazing bringing life into this world!

Ok now this will give you chills… remember I had schedule a c section on Nov 9. We had our little bundle at 11:00am on Nov 5. Exactly 4 years ago from when my husbands dad passed away of cancer…. I know his dad and I know he had a hand in that so my husband and all of us wouldn’t be sad on Nov 5! Now it’s a day a celebration 😁💁🏼‍♀️. Sooooo… we celebrated yesterday and a celebration it was!!!

I love a good party!!!

And our little man and HIS cake!!

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