It’s a wrap….

And Halloween… it’s a wrap! What a great Halloween we had. The kids were completely on a sugar high! In our town we do the trail of treats (where local businesses pass our candy and goodies). My kids ❤️ to pass out candy to the trick or treaters at my husbands office

This year was much better. I was about to pop at Halloween last year 😳😳

This year I decided what the heck why not dress up and to be honest it was a blast! I loved it. Do you all dress up with you kiddos???

Well just wanted to shout out to our Halloween this year! Hope you all had a great one! Now onto my little monkeys Bday Party celebration on Sunday!!! Let the craziness of November and December begin!!!

Any of you have birthdays in November and December?

Our loves… our incredibles!!!!❤️🎃

Enjoy your weekend all!!!

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