IVF Round #2….


Our FROZEN Embryo Transfer….

Our story from about 6 years ago…..

Well well here we go again!  IVF Round #2!!!  So if ya followed my last post (and…. WE ARE PREGNANT…) we did get pregnant but those little munchkins didn’t quite stick so here we go again!!!

The good thing about Round #2 is that we had 4 FROZEN Embryos.   And just a little background.  When you have frozen embryos it is a MUCH MUCH easier process to do then doing the WHOLE IVF Process again.  So we were super lucky to have 4 from our first IVF Process.


But this time…… we told absolutely NO ONE about our transfer.  From the disappointment of the first Round of having to let people know it didn’t work was super hard.  OK OK I did tell 2 of my friends and my sister and thats it!!!

So how does this Frozen Embryo Transfer or “FET” work?  Honestly its a SUPER Easy process.   Your Infertility Specialist will get you on a schedule again and you will know when the transfer will happen!  As you all know I LOVE my schedules and planning so this seemed to ease some anxiety about this process for me!  I also was in touch with a few other people who went through this as well so that helped soooooo much!

Ok so here is the low down on FET…

1.  They will unthaw your embryos…. I know sounds weird but they then can look at them to see which ones would continue to be viable to implant in your uterus!

2.  They will give you  call and let you know how many or which ones are viable and schedule your appointment to come for “the transfer” …. like you drop everything and get your ass there regardless whats on your schedule (Which if you have been through this process… you would cancel meeting the president to get to your appointment so who cares)

3.  Honestly the process is SUPER EASY…. (I know I know TMI) but its seriously as easy as getting your annual PAP.  Literally… you watch on the screen as they implant your little embryos into your uterus…. I mean how cool is this? 

4. Now you are done and you go home and WAIT!!!… Remember that 2 weeks again???????  

I remember leaving there freaking out thinking if I jumped the wrong way or went for a quick jog they would like come out…. and my nurse said to me “Honey, its like sticking rice in peanut butter, they are either going to stick or they don’t”. Its nothing you can do or not do to make this happen!!

SO here we go again… Head Home and wait….
O I almost forgot… wait and give MYSELF These HUGE Progesterone Injections daily in case I “might” be pregnant.  And remember we didn’t tell anyone so I did these lovely injections to my rear myself!  I am right handed so that left side was a little rough 🙂  But again… whatever it takes… I mean being a pin cushion is becoming a daily event so didn’t bother me.  Even though my hips were black and blue!


This time we were a little more at ease… don’t get me wrong wish it wasn’t 2 weeks but more of the attitude like if it happens it happens if not we can try again.  And it for sure took the pressure off not telling anyone.



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