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Motivation Monday

Hey y’all Happy Monday!!… hopefully you’re having a great start to your day so far. I just want to share a quick tip and one of my favorite apps that I use to work out. If you’re like me and your workouts get boring or you want to quit because you’re bored I need something to change it up and I need a little coaching to get my booty in shape.

But if you are like Me you can’t go to a fitness classes because it is pretty much impossible to fit into your schedule being a wife and a mom. Let’s be honest… driving 30 min one way to take a class for 45 minutes isn’t the best utilization of my time! Or you know the classes in the middle of the day – hell I would ❤️ to do those but I work so no way that’s happening! And the ones in the evenings around 6:00 or 7:00… well that’s like crazy time at our house … you know peeps homework, bath, 🛌, then a few fits on between😳. As you know I am doing the Last 90 Day Challenge So anything go keep this momma on track is a plus. So I found this app and it’s called Aaptiv and I absolutely LOVE it.

It has everything from a treadmill workout, meditation, outside running, strength training and you pick your level that you want to do and the amount of time you want to do it. It has someone coaching you you through it and it also gives ya some good workout tunes so you don’t even have to figure what play list you want to use!

Here is the app. I actually have 10 FREE guest passes so if you would like to try one shoot me your email and I will send it you way or just click the link below!

Adaptive Guest Pass

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