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Morning WORKOUTS??? New to Me!

Ok all… I have started this NEW routine that I have tried 100 flipping times and failed on myself!!!   But this time I am going to figure it out!  How many of you are like I want to get my workout in at 5am.  You go to bed set your alarm, set your clothes out and when you look at the alarm going off at 5am you hit snooze like 1000x… MeMeMeMe.  Ok and I am a crappy early morning workout partner, just as my friends who I tell them I am going to meet and I always find an excuse!   I think to myself how I let them down but really the ONLY person I am really letting down is myself!

Soooooo….. as you know I am doing the #Last90DayChallenge and one thing is to wake up an hour earlier and another is to do 30 minutes a day!  Well this morning I did it again.  Snoozed that alarm but Im so proud…. I only snoozed it for 30 min and then said “Get your ass up Chelcee!”.  I know for some of you that isn’t such an accomplishment but for me its a WIN WIN!  Granted when I don’t get my rear up by 5 for my 30min workout I usually don’t get the workout to myself!  But thats Ok… I got it done!  Woohoo!

This is what I go to bed thinking Im going to be doing at 5am…


but in reality…. I wake up, mad at myself for not doing the 5am, NOT wanting to get up at all (as my hubby is motivating me to just get it done with him) and then also I have my workout to do with my hubby that pushes me (which i need in the am) and 2 out of 3 of my little ones.

So the moral to the story is….. I DID IT!!!!   3/5 days this week so far I did the 5:00/6:00am time!  Which people I LOVE my sleep so this is a huge accomplishment for me.  And you know what…. I FEEL SOOOOOO much better starting my day like this!   So if you think you CANT… YOU CAN!!

I just read this the other day and it really made me think…

12 Things Healthy Morning People Do Everyday:

  1. They prepare the night before – I try this…. set out my clothes, know what workout I want to do…
  2. Setting multiple alarms!!
  3. They wake up EXTRA EXTRA early… so for your 5am workout you get up at 4:15am… OK OK this is not me yet and might not ever be but thats ok!
  4. They drink water first thing – another goal trying to drink 1/2 my body weight so why not get the party started early in the day!
  5. They also add a few drops of lemon – anything to make that water taste better is a PLUS for me!
  6. They eat a little something – I don’t do this either but I used to grab a few almonds but now with me doing the KETO thing not sure that falls under there so maybe a scoop of peanut butter?
  7. Or eat something that feels like a treat – Ok a reese peanut butter cup might not be the best option and thats a treat for me 🙂
  8. They listen to energizing music – Country all the way in the Brown Casa
  9. They drink coffee – COUNT ME IN on this one!
  10. They eat a second breakfast – COUNT ME IN AGAIN!
  11. They turn in early – Well I am trying but once you get the kids to bed or try to get them to bed after they ask for another drink of water or for you to take them back to their room for the 100th time its usually an hour later than anticipated but thats ok
  12. They don’t let mornings make them miserable – OK OK Im still working on this but its improving  WOOHOO!


Have a great Friday Friends!


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