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Happy Mental Health Day!

And YES it really is a day!!!! Which it totally should be!!!

Happy Mental Health Day you all!

You know what’s crazy??? We take care of ourselves or most of us try to on a daily basis with our physical health but when do we honestly take care of our mental health????

Well here lately I am thinking I might need to start doing that more!!

Let’s be honest…. as a mom, wife, employee or anyone else… like me do you at times feel like you are going to lose your Shitz?????? Yes yes yes I know I feel the same way!!!! So I told myself it’s time to focus on my mental health as well as my physical health. Now granted I feel these do go hand in hand!! Because when I work out and eat healthier I feel better but hell you know as well as I do we all fall off that wagon a time or two😁😁😁

So one way I feel we can cope or at least I am giving it a whirl!

Taking time at least 10 minutes for me on a daily basis to meditate!!!!!! I know I know what the heck right? The first time I did it I was like “this is weird”. And all I could think about was the 500 other things I could do in that 10 minutes. But honestly… “practice makes perfect” right? The more you practice the more you learn to let your mind relax!!! Seriously it helps!!! You should try it!

So many ways you can try it. Hell just google relaxing meditation or I use an app called Aaptiv which I love and also use this same one to change up my workouts! Take 10 min and just close your eyes, sit and let your mind relax 😳😁😳😁😳

So I challenge you TODAY for Mental Health Day to give it a whirl and let me know what you think!!!

“The Soul usually knows what to do to heal itself, THE CHALLENGE IS TO SILENCE THE MIND”

2 thoughts on “Happy Mental Health Day!”

  1. I am a big believer in mental health days. Even being able to work from home every once in a while helps my mental health.


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