Last 90 Day Challenge!


Ok all… I have decided to do Rachel Hollis’ “Last 90 Day Challenge”! What the heck is this Chelcee???? Well it starts TODAY! And it is the Last 90 Days of the year!

We all fall off the wagon from now until Jan 1 or at least I know I do. So Rachel has created a program so we can all build each other up and START NOW instead of Jan 1.

It’s super simple and it’s FREE. She will send you a weekly email so help you stay accountable! Follow her on Instagram ( if you want to be tuned in! (By the way I ❤️ this girl!). She has an amazing podcast to that I listen to daily.

Example of her email this morning… Her 5 to Thrive!

I just had to share this because I know we all struggle on a daily basis to be a better version of ourselves! So let’s keep each other accountable.

Anyone in with me???

Here is her site to join:

Have a great week all!


6 thoughts on “Last 90 Day Challenge!”

      1. Doing so so this week! Kind of in a busy season so my workout have been not well planned. But I’m getting things done and sticking to my dreams and goals!!


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