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Spider Halloween Cookies 🕷- Kooking With Kennedi

Hey all! Halloween is just right around the corner. My daughter decided to make these sweet treats for the holiday! She LOVES to bake and cook. These are what she picked out and she did these all by herself. Wanted to share the recipe in case your little one loves to bake like mine does...… Continue reading Spider Halloween Cookies 🕷- Kooking With Kennedi


IVF Round #2….

Our FROZEN Embryo Transfer.... Our story from about 6 years ago..... Well well here we go again!  IVF Round #2!!!  So if ya followed my last post (and…. WE ARE PREGNANT…) we did get pregnant but those little munchkins didn't quite stick so here we go again!!! The good thing about Round #2 is that… Continue reading IVF Round #2….