Why Blog??


Ok ok…..WHY the heck do I want to start a BLOG?

A few questions I have asked myself??…  Who the heck wants to hear about me or my life? Why do I want to spend any time starting a blog?  What the heck would I even blog about? What will people think?

1. Who the heck wants to hear about me or my life? – I think to myself…..if it is  something I am struggling with or something that makes me happy why not share it with others because maybe they are struggling with the same thing!  Lets build each other up people and help each other out!

2. Why do I want to spend any time starting or keeping up with a blog? – Well for one I LOVE getting to know new people and I feel like with this platform I will get to hear from people all over the world, two I have ALWAYS wanted to start my own blog (why I am not sure) and three I am SUPER excited to join the blogging community (I love the support they offer each other)  As you know I am a vaccines territory manager so i mostly work alone on a daily basis going from office to office so I am super excited to venture out into a new network of peeps!  As I was getting myself and the kids ready this morning I thought HOW WILL I HAVE TIME?  You know what I can blog as much or as little as I want 🙂  Thats the beauty of doing your own blogging…. what you want, how you want and when you want 🙂  FREEDOM 🙂

3. What the heck would I even blog about? I want to blog about REAL LIFE people!  I want to learn and grow from blogging.  This picture below is a picture I shared with a friend last year!!!…  These are MY TOP 10 attributes that I want in my life!  Family ALWAYS comes #1 and then the rest follow in no specific order!  I am hoping to create my blog topics centered around these TOP 10!


4. What will people think? I am going to be bluntly honest (which I usually am anyways in life)… I am doing this for ME and for others who want to grow themselves and connect with new people!  When I have told a few people about this I have gotten “Wow, congrats how exciting!”  I have also got “huh, you are what?”, “since when do you have time to do that?”….So if you would like to join me…  I would love for you to FOLLOW me but if its not for you I get that too! 

…. I would LOVE for you to FOLLOW me on my Journey into what we call a little… “Gratitude With Attitude”!!
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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts”


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